Move over Ryan Reynolds, Jakey is going to save me

We all know that Jake Arrieta is my absolute favorite pitcher in the world. And I’ve come to believe there is nothing the boy can’t do.  Especially, when I get out of the movies and see I have a text that says, “I can’t believe you are missing what your Jakey is doing tonight!” from my mama. Continue reading


Time’s Up for Andino, Bring on the Rookie

I know I spent the beginning of the season pulling for Robert Andino to play second base but I think he’s been given enough chances.  In fact, he’s been given too many chances–has anyone else noticed how many errors and sketchy plays he makes?  Continue reading

Nick Mar-kick-ass

If anyone knows anything about me, I’m sure it’s that I am and always will be in  love with Nick Markakis (Seriously.  He was my first love).  Due to this, I have been utterly disappointed all season because I basically expect perfection out of Nicky since I know that he is one Hell of a player and highly underrated.  Last night, I saw exactly what I expect out of this boy…and probably more. Continue reading

Baseball’s hottest

Recently, my mama has gotten in the habit of logging onto my Facebook account to comment on various sports stories that AOL posts.  This has caused me to have to defend myself for various reasons (including someone having the audacity of accusing me of being a FSU fan because I don’t like Tebow….umm, hello, I’m a Bama girl and I love Greg McElroy–you know, the guy Tebow couldn’t beat).  A few days ago a story about Derek Jeter being the bestest shortstop ever (please note the sarcasm) was written and my mama had a few things to say–including: does the name Cal Ripken ring a bell?  Long story short, I had to explain to some delusional woman who just because she insanely believes that Jeter is the cutest player ever, that does not mean squat about his talent on the field (once again, ummm Rip hasn’t dropped off the face of the Earth right?).  I also explained that there’s a whole slew of hotties in majors and Jeter isn’t remotely close to being one. Continue reading

Batting Position DOES Matter

Nick Markakis and Brian Roberts warming up to bat in the first inning.

I have said this for as long as I’ve played and I will continue to live by it for as long as I live: where you bat in the lineup does affect how productive you are at the plate.  I know it doesn’t seem like it should but take it from someone who batted in the same spot her entire high school career–It matters.  You get used to who’s in front of you and it’s just familiar.  I think the Orioles are a prime example of my theory as well. Continue reading

Random Musings of a Bored Spectator

Is it just me or are these extra-innings-late-start-because-of-rain-bullpen-sucking-taking-forever-and-a-day games getting ridiculous?  I don’t know about y’all but after about three and half hours of baseball I get a little loopy and out of it and I start thinking about some weird stuff (not like a bad high stuff, but you get the point)…and it doesn’t help when my mama joins in the trippiness.  Anyway, I’m going to keep my thoughts short and sweet–like a ball game should be. Continue reading

Duff isn’t the only Ace of Cakes in Charm City

I hate cake–it’s the most disgusting dessert there is and I’d much rather have s’mores, banana pudding or churros.  However, there is one kind of cake I always love…my Kakes (or as he is better known as: Nick Markakis).  But yesterday I was trailing the Internet when I found out Nicky isn’t the first to be nicknamed for the icky dessert; Jim Palmer was…and now I’m going to refer to him as the Ace of Cakes (Plus, I loved that show). Continue reading